Karaoke Hire Perth

Karaoke Hire Perth Takes You Live

Want the best Karaoke Hire Perth has to offer? Great News! you’ve found it.

Our Karaoke Hire systems are second to none and offer more than you could ever imagine. Our systems come complete with the full set up that includes Wireless Microphones, full stereo PA sound system, huge monitor to display lyrics and video, a ipad that runs the whole show for you and best of all…It’s really easy to operate.

Our system is completely live and that means it’s as up to date as it gets. with full internet connection you get access to 1000’s of songs ready to sing your heart out.

Karaoke Hire Perth deal
Karaoke Hire Perth options are as follows:

Option one Karaoke base package includes: 2 wireless microphones, Ipad, 1000 watt speakers and full set up. $320.00

Option two Karaoke full package includes: 2 Wireless microphones, ipad, 65′ monitor, 1000 watt speakers and mixed sound. $360.00

Option three Karaoke Deluxe pack includes:2 Wireless microphones, ipad, 65′ monitor, 1000 watt speakers and mixed sound and a disco lighting tower with 3 awesome disco lights to really get the party started. $380.00¬†Karaoke Hire Perth PA sound

StarWest karaoke systems really do take your event to the next level with full on crystal clear booming PA sound and stunning imagery. ¬†because it’s a live system you will get access to literally 1000’s of songs all displayed on the huge monitor screen for all to sing along.

By adding one of our amazing lighting systems it’s like you’re the star right there on stage.. We can even add a stage if you’re feeling like you need to go next level!

So are you ready to be the star? Book one of our popular plug n play systems today and get your party started!

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