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Have the time of your life with one of our Outdoor Cinema Hire Perth packages These easy to set up packages can be adjusted to suit any size or environment from giant screens to smaller back yard options.

StarWest Cinema Hire WA offer so much more than a movie under the stars. We go out of our way to provide your audience with an experience to remember. We create an evening full of wonder under the stars with tips and tricks to ensure majic happens every single time.

Call StarWest Indoor & Outdoor Cinema Hire Perth before you book for our amazing deals and the highest quality equipment in town and the very best prices.

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Indoor & Outdoor Cinema Hire Perth

StarWest can delight you and your guests with an awesome indoor OR outdoor movie experience. Our super flexible screen and sound arrangements can be adapted to fit in any Event, backyard or home living room.  We invest in quality hire equipment so you and your guests can rest assure of a safe and trouble free hire experience.

With trussed or inflatable screens and add on options such as Deck Chairs, Bean Bags and popcorn machines, StarWest offers you the complete experience at outdoor cinema hire Perth by StarWest.


Our Packages:

Kids Cinema Night  base Package:

collect and return. you set this this one up yourself. Its simple to set up and we give you all you need.

This is a base package and suitable for the little ones only. This pack is perfect for the kids and includes a led projector with build in DVD player, 3 meter screen and stereo sound system and is available from $220.00 collect and return.  add popcorn machine from $165.00 including supplies for 20. so if you are planning an outdoor cinema hire in Perth WA look no further than StarWest Outdoor cinema.StarWest kids pack

Home Cinema Night Outdoor base Package:

This is an awesome package that includes a 3 meter screen, PA sound system, and HD projector complete with a DVD player. the system come fully set up for an overnight hire for an amazing $330.00 This system is suitable for non commercial private home based hires only.



Home Cinema Night Deluxe Outdoor Package: Home cinema hire perth deluxe

This is the one to wow your guests with and comes with a 3 meter screen, PA speakers, HD projection, operating console with wireless microphone, bluetooth music player, 10 retro deck chairs, a popcorn machine with all the supplies (real butter salt, popping corn, bags and oil)  This system allows toy to play DVD movies from the system or plug in any laptop or device straight into the system. You can use it for movies, Karaoke, presentations, as an incredible music system and it’s all pre-wired in an easy to operate console. $550.00 overnight hire add extra deck chairs from $5.50 each. add a disco lighting stand from $75.00 up-grade to a 4 meter screen from $80.00


Event Cinema Packages: These are our event systems and suitable for any size crowd.

Community Groups, Schools, Sporting Clubs, Fundraising… We can show you how to minimize your cost and maximise your profits. Talk to us today.

6 meter outdoor event screens: 

These systems are suitable for up to 500 people and are elevated to ensure great viewing for every guest.  the package includes the screen, PA sound system and subs, HD projection, wireless Microphones, 10 channel mixing desk, lighting tower, pre-screening music and an operator to run the show. prices start at $680.00 for the base system and add ons include commercial popcorn machines with full supplies, your pre-show adverts on screen, announcements, generators…

8 Meter Event Screens: outdoor cinema perth 8 meter

A huge screen suitable for up to 1000 people and are elevated to ensure great viewing for every guest.  the package includes the screen, PA sound system and subs, HD projection, wireless Microphones, 10 channel mixing desk, lighting tower, pre-screening music and an operator to run the show. prices start at $880.00 for the base system and add ons include commercial popcorn machines with full supplies, your pre-show adverts on screen, announcements, generators…

10 / 12 meter event screens Custom size screens for outdoor and large scale events: 

We have been called on many time to supply shows and screens for internal venues and event giant screens for seriously large outdoor events.  We can supply any size custom screen built on site using truss and rigging systems. prices are in application as often there are logistics that will need to be discussed.

StarWest Rooftop cinema hire

StarWest Festival Screen

StarWest rooftop cinema

StarWest 8 meter screens

StarWest truss screens

Screen Advertising

Movie events are a great opportunity to screen promotional slides. These can be used for sponsors’ announcements, paid advertising, community announcements and of course venue announcements.

Quality Picture & Sound

  • StarWest use a high definition “Real Movie Screens” to ensure to get the real deal when it comes to picture quality. There is nothing worse than poor quality picture, guests will soon become frustrated with the quality, which can lead to distraction and can potentially ruin the entire experience. So why risk it? At Starwest Party Hire we absolutely guarantee that we do not compromise on quality and only use the highest standards of equipment to help create a unique and enjoyable event for everyone involved. The projectors are of the highest standards and give simply stunning pictures.
  • We use top quality speaker systems to ensure a full, realistic sound experience. While a top quality projection is vital, high quality sound is just as important. Don’t let your guests miss out on important parts of the movie due to poor sound quality, make sure that everything is in place to help them enjoy your own private cinema!

Thunder shock Outdoor Cinema Hire Perth

Thunder Shock is technology developed exclusively for the StarWest Cinema Experience.

This innovative technology ensures guests not only see the highest quality images but get to feel the action, live the movie and leave amazed!

Corporate Functions & Large Events

Also available are our 4.8 , 6 and 8 meter inflatable screens. Suitable for corporate functions, sporting events, youth groups or private party or back yard hire. Don’t cram in to someones living room, a bar or pay a premium rent a room at your local cinema. Instead delight your guests with a giant live sporting broadcast on the big screen on our open air cinema.

These are more than Just Outdoor cinemas. This is an experience that will leave every guest breathless and wow’ed. We use the highest quality sound systems that you not only hear, you feel the action!  and super high Quality pictures that leave you feeling part of the movie. Event cinemas

We can offer commercial popcorn machines

With all the supplies you need and operators (If required) Marquees and more ad-ons than we can count…Just Ask because StarWest will always offer more. Our screens are raised to ensure the best viewing so the entire audience gets a clear view. StarWest provide quality music before and after the event and event lighting as standard. We have you covered. StarWest can offer other services to ensure a great event from public toilets to flood lighting and power generation. Even rubbish bins, collection and removal can all be part of our service.

Perfect for watching the footy finals, motorsport or any other televised event. Our easy to set up projection screens can be small enough to fit in the backyard or big enough to entertain hundreds in one go. because we understand that one size will never fit all and can find a solution that fits almost any space.

Smaller set ups Outdoor Cinema Hire Perth

 Add Ons

 For that authentic movie experience ask our friendly staff about our many other add-on options.

  • Popcorn machines

  • to add that real movie flavour. Everyone loves a snack when watching their favourite movie, and the most popular cinema snack is definitely popcorn. Providing your guests with a popcorn machine will really add to the experience, it helps create a genuine cinema experience, plus there is nothing worse than hungry guests! Whether you need popcorn for 10 people or 30, we can tailor to your needs and enough popcorn to keep your guests satisfied, providing a variety of different flavours to suit everyone’s taste. Many of our customers that have purchased our outdoor cinema hire Perth experience add a popcorn machine, to help replicate a real cinema experience.
  • Deck chairs, standard Pippee chairs or corporate Americana event chairs  no matter the occasion we can ensure all of your guests are seated in total comfort.

So whether you’re planning a kids birthday party, a fair, fundraising event or for any occasion. StarWest Party Hire has the solutions for you and your guests.

Stage hire, Lighting rigs and full band or entertainment production is also easily managed.

Frequently Asked Questions?

Our friendly team are here to answer all of your questions because although its what we do for a living, out team understand that you may not have experienced or run an event before. If you need more information, we are here to help. call us and we will assist.

How big is the screen?

Our company have many size screens and types and we will set up the system most appropriate to your anticipated number of viewers. We have Screens ranging from 2 to 12 meters and can cater for up to 2500 guests because we know that many different environments call for many options.

Do I need a license?

If your are hiring a system for a private back yard party for you and your invited guests and not charging them, then no you will not need a license. All other public environments will require a film license regardless of whether you are charging your guests or not. Schools, clubs, charity fundraisers etc. will all require a film license.

How much is a License?

Movie Licensing costs vary based on location, estimated crowd numbers etc. Fees are dependant on several factors. We can advise on how to minimize these costs.

Where do I get a license and movie choices?

We recommend contacting Roadshow public performance licensing 9227 1571 StarWest does not supply movies. StarWest will not be held accountable if you fail to license a movie and any associated cost and fines will be the responsibility of the hirer. You are hiring a system only and not a license or projectionist. Our staff will train you to use the equipment (Don’t Worry, It’s Easy) on delivery.

Does it need to be dark?

In short YES. There is too much ambient light for outdoor systems to operate during the daytime. Think of when you go to the movies, it’s always dark inside when the film begins.

What will the system play?

Our systems are designed to play Blu-ray movies however, in many cases they can be utilised for other formats such as Advertising, student films, home movies, live performance, television broadcasts, band and stage backdrops and audience screens. Contact us to discuss your requirements.

How loud is the movie?

At StarWest outdoor cinema hire Perth we only install high quality PA sound systems with our screens and we ensure there is ample sound to accommodate your estimated number of guests.

Trusted Operators? 

Absolutely! StarWest are One of Perth’s and the wider WA areas most experienced outdoor cinema providers using high quality equipment that is checked and re-check before every hire or event.  We carry 20 million public liability.


We are the company many of Perth’s major event organisers and many school and sporting groups choose. Why? Because they our reliability, experience and service.  We can assist you with an application for a licence for a public screening and in many cases can obtain the licence on your behalf.

To download an application form CLICK HERE or call the friendly staff at Outdoor Cinema Hire Perth.

So what are you waiting for? Call Outdoor Cinema Hire Perth today!

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