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The StarWest Party Hire Photo Booth Hire Perth is value for money and a great option to add fun to any occasion with memories to keep and share.



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The booth is not  just like any other photo booth!  full of colour and props to add excitement and fun however, it’s also a live booth.

It gives you the ability to live upload from any event to email, Facebook, Twitter or email.  Together with a live Kiosk so that guest can browse all of the photos taken and share them. We even provide you with your own unique page with an access key so you can privately view every photo taken at your event and choose what you want to share.

Want More? How about your own Event Access page online. this lets you direct all of your guest and even those that could not attend to a place where they can join in the fun.

Our Booth comes with a box overflowing with props and dress-up, commercial lighting and curtains together with our on-site instruction.

Our Selfie Booth is so easy to use and so much fun you will love having it your next event or party! Complete with professional lighting and when combined with some of our other great Party hire items, you’re all set to have the party of the decade along with the memories to keep and share.Selfie Booth 4 Photo booth

But the best news is the price! because it’s so easy to use, you save big $$$ forget $600 – $800 for a professional booth. Our Price and amazing $480.00 for the very latest technology and a totally interactive photo booth. 

The very latest in innovation our selfie booth / Photo booth is serious value for money at a really low $480.00 overnight. The live Booth meets everything our customers have been asking for and was developed because told us you wanted more!

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