School Movie Nights

School Movie Nights Made Easy

StarWest have thought of everything when it comes to hosting School Movie Nights. We take the planning and hassle out of the equation so you can get on with inviting your guests and raising funds.

School Movie Night

Professional production and an operator

StarWest are fussy about sound and our systems state of the art.

The operating system includes DVD Players, Laptops and blue-tooth integrated

music systems built into a full console with mixing desk and out to PA system.

We also have wireless microphones for any announcements.

Giant Screens

We will always bring you a giant screen that is the most suitable for your

audience and venue size. Our screens are capable of rear projection and

elevated giving every attendee a great viewing experience.

Lighting Towers

It’s dark leading up to and after a movie so we include a lighting tower free with

every hire so your guests can find their way and pack up after the show.

It also assists with safety and our pack up.

Commercial Popcorn Machines and all the supplies StarWest Movie Nights

We have quality popcorn machines available at special rates to our movie clients

with retro popcorn bags, real butter salt and everything you need.

This is a great cost effective option to upsell movie nights and increases your

returns. At only .50cents per serve with a resale of 2.50 per bag served.

Booking guarantee and weather contingencies

Perth is blessed with great weather but we know that it does not always go to

plan. Should your event be hit with inclement weather StarWest will always work

with you to find other alternatives or new dates with our 12-month re-book

guarantee and price hold.


Important Information for hosting a successful movie night.

How big is the screen?

We have many size screens and types and we will set up the system most

appropriate to your anticipated number of viewers.

We have Screens ranging from 2 – 6 – 8 meters and can cater for up to 2500 guests.

Do I need a license?

If your are hiring a system for a private back yard party for you and your family / friends

and not charging them, then no you will not need a license.

All other public environments will require a film license regardless of whether you are charging your guests

or not. Schools, clubs, charity fundraisers etc. will all require a film license.

How much is a License?

Movie Licensing costs vary based on location, estimated crowd numbers etc.

StarWest cannot estimate these costs and we recommend contacting the numbers below but as a general

rule allow between 2.00 and 5.00 per ticket dependent on your film choice.

Where do I get a license and movie choices?

We recommend contacting Roadshow public performance

licensing 9227 1571 or follow the links we’ve included later in this document.

Or amalgamated Cinemas on ( 08) 9727 1950

To License a Roadshow Film:

To license an amalgamated film:

Does it need to be dark?

In short YES. There is too much ambient light for outdoor systems to operate during

the daytime.

Think of when you go to the movies, it’s always dark inside when the film begins.

What will the system play?

Our systems are designed to play Blu-ray movies however, in many cases they can

be utilized for other formats such as Advertising, student films, home movies, live performance, television

broadcasts, band and stage backdrops and audience screens.

Contact us to discuss your requirements. 0428 208 096 OR 6595 3367

How loud is the movie?

StarWest only install high quality PA sound systems with our screens and we ensure

there is ample sound to accommodate your estimated number of guests.

What time do you arrive on site?

StarWest will usually (dependent on set up size) arrive on site between 4 & 4.30pm

allowing us enough time to set up and test the system. We request no public access prior to our set up

completion for safety reasons. Once our screen is up and fenced off you are welcome to let the public in.

Set up locations on site will at all times be determined on site by StarWest on site staff and cannot be

predetermined, this is because wind direction on the day will by law dictate the location of the screen andStarWest Movie ScreenMovie Night

this can only be directed by a trained operator. Remember at all times StarWest has the safety of your

guests at the heart of everything we do.

How Much Room Do You Need?

Generally we will require clear access to the set up are (Drive up where ever possible, as our equipment is heavy.

We need a clearance height of 3.2 meters for our2, 4 and 6-meter screens and 4.2 meters for our 8-meter


We need an area allocated that is 8 meters wide x 10 meters deep for all cinemas.

We need access to power standard 10amp power point is fine but it must be dedicated for our sole use. Or a

generator can be provided for extra cost. (DUE TO THE NATURE OF OUR EQUIPMENT CLIENTS CANNOT

PROVIDE GENERATED POWER UNDER 30kVA nor can our equipment share power with other operators or

anyone else on site)